2019 SEO Statistics That Every Search Marketer and Business Owner Should Know

Thanks to a unique mix of keywords, site codes, and technical indicators, SEO helps websites “tell” search engines what phrases and keywords their pages should rank for as long as they have suitable content for drawing potential consumers.

This is relevant because more than 90% web traffic is generated by the first search result pages on Google search. And the higher your website ranks on the search results, the more leads, clicks, and sales you generate compared to the competition. But despite the benefits of search engine optimization being hammered into the heads of business owners and marketers, many remain skeptical about the payoff.

However, the updated statistics mentioned below may help change their mind:

Links Affect Search Engine Rankings More Than Any Other Factor

Upon analyzing one million Google search results, it was discovered that links affect search rankings more than any other factor. Couple this with an official statement from Google, and backlinks instantly move to the top of the priority chain when it comes to ranking signals. The other two worth paying attention to are RankBrain – Google’s own machine-learning system – and content.

More Content = More Relevancy = More Traffic

According to 72 percent of marketers, relevancy is the leading factor behind improving the SEO of a website. Relevancy has slowly become the topmost concern among website owners as it plays a critical role in Google’s search engine algorithm.

Thus, relevant content should be a no-brainer in your current SEO strategy for 2019. The best way to increase relevance is to increase the amount of content you publish. Work on LSI Keywords and Expanding your Keyword “Cloud”

Your Competitors are Using SEO, So Should You

Believe it or not but the SEO industry can be a massive cash cow if you play your cards right. $65.26 billion is the amount spent on search engine optimization in 2016. That number rose to $72.02 billion last year and by 2020, it is expected to increase to a whopping $79.27 billion.
Of this amount, just one-third is spent by the larger corporations, while most of it is spent by small local businesses and startups. So, it is not too late for your company to jump aboard the hype train and grab a piece of the proverbial SEO pie.

Local Searches Fuel In-Store Visits

46 percent of all searches on Google are local. 60 percent of consumers who search for local businesses are smartphones and 88 percent of them either visit or call the business within the next 24 hours.
86 percent of users search for the physical location of a business on Google Maps while 72 percent end up visiting local companies that are situated within five miles. Searches associated with “Near me today/tonight” have grown 900 percent in the past two years.

SEO Has the best Conversion Rate of All Marketing Channels

One of the most impressive aspects of SEO is the conversion rate which sits at an impressive 14.6 percent right now, firmly beating out the 1.7 percent conversion rate of standard outbound methods.
What this means is, other avenues are unable to compete with the conversion rate that results from effective SEO practices. But this conversion rate is possible only if the website owner or marketer employs the proper strategy.

Refurbishing Content Kills It

Did you know that updating and republishing your existing blog posts with fresh images and content can boost your organic traffic by almost 111.37 percent? Blogging SEO has proven to be a great strategy for many websites.
But you can even take help from previous links and SEO work that has been conducted on a previous blog post while applying newer methods to make the content rank higher. When you add images to a post, it immediately gets more attention, thanks to the appeal of the visual content, which helps attract people.

Searchers Trust Providers in Organic Results More Than Paid Results

The performance of organic SEO is shown to be nearly 5.66 times more impressive than paid search ads. Why? Because organic SEO is believed to be more trustworthy by the individuals who carry out the searches.
Many consumers hold the opinion that companies often buy their way into a higher position without being the most suitable option for the consumer. Thus, people have recently begun to pay greater attention to the organic results instead of the paid ads.

People Are Searching Longer Queries

50 percent of the search queries on Google are four words or more. As per the most recent keyword statistics, it is evident that people prefer to ask questions or make statements instead of using separate keywords.
This approach involves long-tail keywords. If you fail to include them in your SEO strategy, you might be missing out on 50 percent of the overall number of searches.

Image & Voice Search is Growing Fast

As per search engine usage statistics, close to 50 percent of all searches conducted on the different search engines will be image and voice-based by the year 2020. So, you should not underestimate the importance of selecting the proper keywords and search terms for your SEO campaign.
In fact, voice search makes it all the more imperative to add strong keywords to your content. Every image posted on your website should have alt tags along with the current keywords. This is the only way to elevate the position of your website on the search results pages.

Buyers Are More Educated Than Ever

43 percent of customers conduct thorough research on the Internet even while they are browsing for items in the store. Nowadays, buyers are fully aware of the trend of comparing prices and doing proper research before separating with their cash. They wish to know how they can achieve the best possible deal and waste the minimal amount of money possible.
This usually takes place right up to the moment where the money is about the trade hands. The more you enable your business to be discovered online due to the SEO, the better it is for your prospects until the very last second.

SEO Drives More Revenue Than Social Media

On average, the conversion rates are 10 times higher on search than from social media on desktops. This means, it is well worth your time and money to invest more on SEO rather than social media. However, that does not mean you can ignore social media altogether.
Right now, there are over 50 million small businesses that use Facebook to connect with their customers, both potential and existing. What’s more, over half the marketers using social media strategies for the past two years report considerable improvements in sales figures. And, if that’s not all, 71 percent of consumers who’ve had a positive social media experience with a brand are more likely to suggest it to others.

Always Be Creating Content for Search Engines

Search engines are responsible for driving 93 percent of all online traffic to websites. So, if you find yourself wondering whether SEO is relevant in 2019, you know the answer already. The very idea that so many people use search engines to visit a website shows that you must rank high on the search results pages and stay as relevant as possible.

Like most of the Internet, SEO strategies continue to evolve over time. And you must stay current with the changing practices if you want your website to rank higher on search engines and attract more attention from customers.

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