PPC Management & Paid Search Consulting

PPC is the most trackable form of internet marketing there is. Every dollar’s accounted for, and it’s easy to tell whether or not your campaign is making you money which is very attractive for business owners who demand a return on their marketing investment.

The term PPC comes from “Pay-Per-Click marketing.” When you do PPC marketing you only pay when an end-user clicks your ad. 10,000 people can see your ad, but if no one clicks it, you don’t pay a penny. Sounds great right? It is, but just like anything else, there are some caveats.

As easy as it is to initiate a campaign and start seeing traffic – it’s just as easy to waste a ton of money on unqualified traffic. Without fine tuning your settings and optimizing your funnel you will flush a significant amount of your money down the drain due to unqualified users clicking your ads, and funnels with too many options.

A typical PPC campaign includes keyword selection, creating more granular ad groups, improving landing pages, optimizing the conversion funnel, composing ad copy, split testing a/b testing ads, improving your quality score, and creating and optimizing re-marketing ads, banner ads, and mobile ads. We complete all these tasks with the end-goal of getting you more leads with the same spend and profiting from PPC.

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